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We are Warumungu and we are still here

The visitor, upon entering the Museum and Gallery can explore five main interpretive themes. They are:

Punttu - family Warumungu artists have screenprinted self portraits as a contemporary expression of skin groups or relationships.

Nyinta manungku - Living in the land is a comprehensive display of bush tucker and other bush resources.

Wanjjal payinti manu - yesterday and today is a series of dioramas made by Warumungu artists showing the rich history of the region including Aboriginal involvement in the cattle industry and goldmining.

Wurrmulalkki mukka - returned histories. For Warumungu people the highlight of the display will be the return of traditional objects from the collections of the South Australia Museum and the Museum of Victoria.

Pina parinyi manu purtakijji - Getting the land back. This traces the history of the Warumungu land claim and celebrates the Aboriginal relationship with the land.

The Museum / Gallery also houses an exhibition space to showcase art from the Barkly Region through a program of changing exhibitions. See Exhibitions.

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