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History - The Approach

The Nyinkka Nyunyu art and culture centre is a community development project of Julalikari Council Aboriginal Corporation.

Julalikari Council developed Nyinkka Nyunyu through a comprehensive participatory planning process involving all Traditional Owners and ultimately the regional Aboriginal Community. This project is community owned and driven. The aim was to ensure a continuation of community ownership of the project and to develop a sustainable management system.

In 1995 when planning commenced the Traditional Owners said:
- It must be a grog-free (alcohol-free) area.
- The development must recognize that this is Warumungu land.
- We want to tell the history of the Warumungu people from an aboriginal viewpoint.
- We want to create a place in town where young people can learn from old people as well as learn dance and some traditional skills
- Young people should be involved in this project and learn how to manage this place one day
- Visitors are welcome!
planning day
Above: Traditional owners and members of local government attended the groundbreaking at the site in June 2002.
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